Kakheti, Georgia’s famous wine district lies due east from Tbilisi in a land dotted with fine old churches and vineyard after vineyard. Stop at any home and be offered delicious homemade wine. Historically Kakheti was often the centre of political turmoil however some of the most beautiful and important buildings were erected here and the church architecture is as diverse as wines in the region. Among the architectural gems are the gracious Alaverdi Cathedral (11th c), the picturesque Ikalto Academy (11th -12th c), Shuamta Monasteries (6th – 16th c), and the elegant Gremi Church (16th c). Sighnaghi is a beautiful hill-town surrounded by medieval wall and providing panoramic views of the Alazani valley and Caucasus Mountains. Kakheti is the major producer of Georgian wines. Please, go to Georgian Wine page